Advantages of Online English Instruction 

Your child will benefit from exceptional learning opportunities when you enrol them in online English tuition for primary school in Singapore. These advantages include the following:

A one-on-one online experience to receive individualised attention and guarantee quick, effective learning progress.

Online courses for O level English tuition can address your child’s individual shortcomings in the language acquisition and mastery process, in contrast to normal tuition, when instruction is provided to several students during tuition classes.

Your youngster can learn at their own pace with the help of online tutorials.

Every learner develops at their own particular rate. While some students pick things up quickly, others might need more time to grasp a topic fully. A classroom teacher might not be able to meet every student’s demands at once, but your child can design a custom lesson plan using an online learning platform that fits their schedule and pace of learning.

Your child can have more flexibility in scheduling and convenience of home study.

One of the main benefits is the ability to study English online from the convenience of your home. Comfortable surroundings might help people more easily internalise challenging linguistic concepts.

We advise investing some effort in making a motivational study space for your child at home. For instance, if you want to, you can decide to relax near the window, play some soothing music, or cuddle up under a blanket.

Sure, it might seem a little empty in your “classroom,” but don’t worry; you can still talk to the teacher and other pupils. In fact, many students discover that once they start having chats online, they talk to their classmates more than normal.

Your child can make use of multiple resources at once.

Online lessons are typically taken in front of a computer or tablet. For instance, you can Google a name, a location, or a term your child’s teacher uses to learn more about it. To help your child recall a subject better, they can look at pictures and videos while keeping many tabs open. Anytime during a lecture, they can also check definitions, synonyms, and grammar rules.

Your child can hone all four abilities.

Your child can practice and develop your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills online through a variety of methods.


With so many online articles and ebooks, expanding your child’s vocabulary and improving their reading comprehension couldn’t be simpler.


Your child can increase your listening comprehension skills by watching videos on YouTube, visiting, or listening to podcasts.

Don’t forget to use the subtitles and transcripts provided on these websites, as they can assist your child in learning new words and providing clarification for any areas of the videos that they were unable to understand.


Your child can have live dialogues using video calls, exactly like they would in a traditional classroom.


Writing is simple to do as well as your child can submit your teacher brief essays or any other type of homework assignment via email or an online learning platform.

Your child can participate in stimulating, interactive classes.

There is no shortage of digital technologies that may make online education interesting because technology permeates every aspect of our lives. On interactive learning platforms, there are a lot of digital lessons.

For example, there are interactive whiteboards, chat rooms for your child to communicate with one another, and quizzes that encourage friendly competition between students.




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