Why Is The Preschool Phase Crucial For Children And Parents?

When a child is born into the world, it is a memorable day for the parents to cherish forever. They want to provide the best of things in terms of food, clothing, facilities, and education to their child. As we mentioned in education, the preschooling period is the point for the parents and the child to be perfect and trustworthy.

One such international preschool on the west coast of Changi is the Invictus Preschool. They are known for being one community with many stories to tell the world with their extraordinary facilities and services for education. With an experience of 22 years, they focus on encouraging young children to learn, educate themselves and develop their skills. They provide safe, secure, and trustworthy environments for the kids so their parents can send them without worry.

Preschool Facilities And Their Importance

The Invictus Preschool was previously known as White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare. They provide children in their preschool years with more advanced and interactive learning experiences. They aim to provide the children with confidence, creativity, and generosity towards being liberal and empower them to be motivated for the future.

They have a hard-working, patient, and highly qualified team of teachers to train and educate the students. They aim to make the children intelligent, confident, innovative, and lovable young. Building a diverse and robust community and a new take on educating the young generation is as important as it leads to a better future. They are licensed with the (ECDA) Early Childhood Development Agency standards.

Values And Ethics Are Taught For A Better Future.

The international preschool teaches children great values and life ethics at a young age to make them better people for tomorrow.

· Celebration Of Differences

All the differences are celebrated here the same way the similarities are observed. Each child brings a unique quality in itself, making the preschool’s perfect community belonging to different backgrounds and beliefs.

· Keeping It Real

The preschool focuses on getting the basics right for all students and keeping it as accurate as possible. The curriculums are well researched and focus on child development.

· Always Learning

Enabling the children with a mindset of having a learning perspective about life and everything in between.

· Being Imaginative At Every Stage

The preschool provides a stimulating environment for its students to get inspired and be as imaginative as they can be in learning and developing. Encouraging imagination is what leads to a fresh and new perspective.

Being respectful and gaining respect in return is the basic thumb rule that the international preschool wants to embed in their students to be better people.

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