Obstetrics and Gynecology Career Guidance 

Although today’s women enjoy much more freedom and basic rights as compared to previous decades, yet when it comes to women’s health, this aspect is often neglected, downplayed, and ignored by women themselves. Especially in rural and suburban areas, cases of negligence are more prevalent. By becoming a doctor specializing in women’s health, a medical student would be able to give goodness back to society and honour women. Often OBGYN and gynecology are considered the same, although they are very much related. The biggest difference between them is the fact that while gynecology is oriented towards treating pregnant women, obstetrics deals with non-pregnant women. Hence, specializations in post-graduation for these two fields are different and diverse. Both are considered an inclusive part of primary healthcare service with the sole objective of promoting good health. With an OBGYN MD degree, thus, an OBGYN specialist can offer targeted and supportive care to the community.

Given below are some exclusive specialties of OBGYN that a medical student can specialize in after completing OBGYN MD. These are- cancers of the reproductive system (gynecologic oncology), disorders of the genitourinary system and reconstructive surgery, reproductive endocrinology and infertility treatments, hormonal disorders, critical care medicine, abortion and complex contraception care, maternal-fetal medicine including high-risk obstetrical cases, sexually transmitted diseases, hospice and palliative medicine, menopausal and geriatric problems, and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. These focus on a broader spectrum of issues faced by women from teenage years to seniority. After completing PG OBGYN, a medical aspirant can look forward to a career in clinical care, research, and education in the above-mentioned disciplines.

Since higher education in OBGYN (after post-graduation level) has become extremely competitive, a future OBGYN specialist must form an extensive understanding of OBGYN concepts and apply them in practical cases. An online course can be super helpful with video lectures by India’s top faculty, MCQs, interactive doubt clearing classes, lecture notes with detailed diagrams, and HD illustrations. The curriculum of the OBGYN MD online course includes the most advanced OBGYN procedures like – laparoscopy, operative hysteroscopy, robotics in surgery, chemotherapy, palliative procedures, cystoscopy, urodynamics, vitro-fertilization, ultrasonography, etc.

What does a career in OBGYN look like? 

After completing a postgraduate course in OBGYN, it is the prevalent norm to start a career in a healthcare institute, preferably in a hospital, although some aspirants also prefer to practice in their chambers. Long hours, overnights, irregular hours, and even shifts at odd hours are not unusual. In the initial stages of one’s career as an OBGYN specialist, one has to put hours of effort and dedication to care for patients. At a healthcare center, an OBGYN specialist is expected to retain a complete medical history of each patient, update medical charts, conduct preventive screenings, prescribe screenings and tests whenever needed, review the results of tests, plan the course of treatment, and share the same with the patient, or family members of the patient, address health concerns and consult with other specialist doctors in case of complications, help patients about nutrition and hygiene. An OBGYN MD online course shows the right way for an OBGYN aspirant through high-quality study materials and best-in-class guidance. With the right guidance, an OBGYN aspirant can become a top OBGYN specialist in due course of time. A few interpersonal skills, too, become helpful in becoming a top doctor. A student has to possess excellent communication skills, a compassionate nature, physical stamina, dexterity in using precise and sharp tools, problem-solving skills, patience, and organizational skills, and also must be detailed oriented.

In PG OBGYN video lectures, students are introduced to a wide variety of medical histories of patients, updated practices, diagnoses, and treatments across verticals of obstetrics and gynecology. Of the two or three years an aspirant spends in obtaining the post-graduation degree in OBGYN, most of the time, he/she must not stick to learning limited chapters only. To make the foundation stronger, there is no better alternative than subscribing to video lectures offered by leading medical learning platforms, as such video lectures deliver the most important information in a really concise way related to that particular topic. Aspirants can opt for an OBGYN MD Online Course by Dr.Aswath Kumar that exposes them to various clinical case scenarios and benchmark trialsDuring chat shows and journal clubs, an aspirant can interact directly with renowned faculty members, and seek personal guidance. But on a final note, it can be concluded that OBGYN is an extremely promising career, and completing a post-graduation degree in it, will only make the way to becoming a top OBGYN specialist smoother.


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