Novel MBA Courses In Bangalore: Supply Chain Management Vs. Digital Marketing- Which Is A Better Alternative?

“How can I grow more in my career?” asked every business professional ever. For many corporate professionals, getting an MBA seems the best solution. However, the bigger question is, which stream should you choose? Should you stick to commonly sought streams like finance, marketing, business analytics, and HR, or explore newer options like supply chain management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.? According to TOI research, “India houses the second largest group of MBA professionals in the world, after China.” Given the sheer number of options available in the colleges, students often find themselves in a dilemma and choose something that doesn’t set them apart from the crowd of MBA graduates arriving every year. Modern-day MBA colleges allow students to explore different aspects of business that offer them leverage over the competition.

In this post, we shall discover two novel MBA courses in Bangalore and discuss supply chain management vs. digital marketing: which is a better alternative for students today.

Getting An Insight Into Business Models With Supply Chain Management


MBA in supply chain management in India has gained a lot of traction recently, owing to the huge success of corporate giants like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, etc., that are leading the industry due to their well-planned logistics, supply chains, and operations. Keith Olivier, an American consultant, coined the term to denote the storage, movement, and management of raw materials and finished goods from one hand to another until they’re delivered to the customer. Acquiring knowledge of the process—the backbone of every business, allows students to understand the model & logistics better, and develop crucial entrepreneur skills. E.g., organisation, accounting, financial planning, problem-solving, negotiation, collaboration, etc.

The Benefits:

  • Enrolling in this course helps students understand various delivery models, offshoring & outsourcing processes, capacity planning, customer orientation, purchase portfolio, global business chains, etc. It improves the efficiency of planning and increases work productivity.
  • Extensive training in financial planning, workflow optimization, forecasting, and management helps professionals decrease cost effects and gain more profits.
  • One of the greatest advantages of MBA in SCM is honing decision-making skills in logistics, which establishes one’s credibility in the industry and paves the way for a high-paying job.
  • After completing their MBA in supply chain management in India, business students can find employment as production coordinator, SCP officer, logistics officer, transportation analyst, inventory specialist, or manager (in procurement, distribution, engineering, warehouse), etc.
  • Being aware of the global trends in sub-sectors (like postal services, warehousing, wholesaling, etc.) in different organisations (federal or local government offices, micro-enterprises, big corporations, and NGOs) also creates opportunities for overseas employment and professional growth.

MBA In Digital Marketing In Bangalore: Why The Sudden Hype Around It?

The advent of social media and the growing fascination with online shopping has caused a paradigm shift in marketing trends in the last decade. With marketing being one of the major drivers of a business, it is important for brands to understand the effect of technology on customers. Luring customers from online channels is much more economical than door-to-door promotion. As a result, digital marketing has become a lucrative career option in tier I cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

The Benefits:

  • Digital marketing allows professionals to learn about advertising, consumer behaviour, online retail, user research, salesforce management, website analytics, etc.
  • Brands prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing as it allows them to reach a wider audience. Also, they can easily study the competition to learn from their successes and failures, dig into the interests of different genders & age groups, and customise their offerings for different clients.
  • An MBA in digital marketing in Bangalore opens up prospective career options in branding, affiliate marketing, content curation, search engine optimisation, media planning, website creation, PR management, corporate sales, etc.
  • Marketing is one of the top 5 highest paying MBA specialisations in India. So, pursuing a course in digital marketing can kickstart a good career for students.

MBA In Supply Chain Management Vs. Digital Marketing: What Should You Choose?

There is no comparison between the two courses. Supply chain management is relevant for students who want to be informed about the technicalities and operations of a business whereas digital marketing offers insight into the consumers’ interests. Knowledge of both the fields is essential for budding entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the industry.

If you can’t seem to decide between the two, why not look for MBA courses in Bangalore with dual specialisations? CMR University’s MBA programme builds a strong foundation in business administration, allows aspirants to pursue dual specialisations in their field of choice, and develops leadership skills through real-world experience. Get in touch to discuss opportunities for professional growth.

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