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Business Management students


When it comes to job satisfaction, employee wellness and fairness of pay, Australia is among the top countries in the world for those looking to further their careers. As of November 2022, over 16,850,500 people in Australia are of working age, and over 77.8% of those hold jobs. Unemployment is at record low numbers, with opportunities in Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Public Administration as major contributors to the job market.

In the next 3 years, employment is projected to grow across all types of careers in Australia, with 9 out of 10 jobs requiring post-school education. Some of Australia’s largest and quickest-growing industries include Healthcare, Accommodation and food services, professional and technical services, and education and training.

What is Business Management all about?

Business Management

In the modern world, managers are skilled problem solvers in charge of people, money and technology. They aim to achieve business objectives and are the outward face of the business as well.

With a degree in Business Management, students will learn key business disciplines, achieving the knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen industry. Students will learn about emerging issues, how to recognise and implement innovations and how to make the best possible progress in their careers.

When studying Business Management, students shall partake in the core courses of business theory. These will give them a solid grasp of economics and business intelligence fundamentals, allowing them to gain invaluable insights and career skills. Students will also learn about international management ethics, organisational leadership and human behaviour.

Upon completing their Bachelor of Business Management studies, students can consider careers such as Account Director, Business Analyst, Management Consultant, Project Lead, Risk Manager, Sales Manager and many more. By May 2024, the Australian Government Department of Employment also predicts a 12.1 per cent increase in employment for business managers.

By November 2026, the Australian National Skills Commission Labour Markets Insight predicted an upturn of 32.2 percent in demand for Management and Organization Analysts.

Studying Business Management in Australia is a highly lucrative career opportunity for international students. The average business management graduate’s salary is AUD 115,000 per year with entry-level positions earning AUD 94,957 per year.

What are the top universities in Australia to study Business Management?

Many universities all over Australia offer a Bachelor in Business Management course for students from all over the world.  Listed below are some of the top universities offering the course:

  1. Monash University: Located in the state of Victoria, Monash University is ranked among the finest institutions in Australia. Its Business and Economics division is known for its world-renowned faculty, focusing on business research and helping students develop skill sets that will suit them in their chosen career paths.
  2. University of Sydney: Located in New South Wales, the University of Sydney is among Australia’s oldest and most respected institutes. With pioneering courses in business management, students who graduate from this university are set up for success in the future.
  3. University of Melbourne: Located in Parkville in Victoria, The University of Melbourne is a celebrated institution in Australia with a focus on business studies, arts and humanities and many more. Its research-led approach prepares students for real-world business problems and how to solve them.
  4. University of New South Wales: The University of New South Wales in Sydney focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Business studies, nanotechnology and many other departments. Its faculty and curriculum are designed to enable students to tackle  problems head-on and solve them efficiently.
  5. University of Wollongong: Located on the East coast of Australia, the University of Wollongong has established a reputation for world-class education across disciplines such as business studies, the arts and many more. Students who wish to apply to the university can do so via TheWorldGrad’s Global Online Accelerator Program.


As a student looking to complete a degree in Business Studies or Business Management, Australia is one of the best destinations to further your career.

With a selection of the finest universities, amazing growth opportunities and fair pay, Business Management students in Australia can look forward to a successful life. From a Business Analyst to an Account Director and beyond, students who finish their Business Management degree havevarious careers to choose from, giving them the flexibility that is challenging to come by in other industries.

Hence, students seeking to complete their studies in Business Management should seriously consider Australia as their chosen destination. To know more about opportunities to study in Australia, visit TheWorldGrad which offers various programs which lead to globally ranking universities in the Australia.

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