Nine tips to make the most of your  live classes

After the pandemic, probably like millions of others, even you are taking some courses or classes online. We understand it is a fabulous way to learn with dozens of benefits and ultimate flexibility in your life. But since you are taking the courses online, ensure that you ultimately benefit from them. Or this, you must follow some essential tips that help you to make the most of your live class

  1. Prepare for the class beforehand – When you join a class online, several factors might cause a delay in attending it. Or, you might be interrupted in many ways while you are attending the lecture. It is, therefore, very wise to prepare for the live class well before it starts. Like, you can keep an alarm for the scheduled class so that you don’t miss any part of it, or you can ensure that you have a secure Wi-Fi connection so that you don’t get interrupted in between the live classes.
  2. Use the best educational app for the classes. Today, you get numerous educational classes that can help you prepare for lectures in a better way and even prefer the same later. Try to use the best educational app like Extramarks to have all your details secure in a place and get the best support from the application itself.
  3. Use the class recording system –We understand that live classes are one of the best solutions to get firsthand knowledge from your educator. But for future references and better support, you can always use the class recording system. 
  4. Concentrate completely during the lectures –Since you are attending the live class, you can enjoy the complete benefit of these only if you concentrate entirely during the lectures. For this, ensure that there are no interruptions around you or you have a clear mind and are dedicated to your studies and course.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – The live classes give you a one-to-one approach with your educator. If you consider it practically, it is one of the biggest benefits of taking this course. So take complete advantage of it. Like, it would be best if you didn’t hesitate to ask questions when you have a doubt and discuss the matter freely with your educator.
  6. Remember to take notes – Just listening and grasping the concept is not enough while learning online. You will also need to note the essential pointers taught during the course.
  7. Participate actively–An active learning process takes place only when you are active during the process. So, just the teacher teaching you during live class is not enough. Ensure that you are even participating in their discussions during the classes.
  8. Participate regularly – We have seen students skipping classes just because these are online. Remember, if you are not regular during your lectures, you’ll never make the most of them. So, ensure that you are attending their life classes regularly.
  9. Treat it as necessary as the offline courses – Sometimes, you don’t consider the online classes as the regular ones you take. And this impacts your learning of an educational concept a lot. Remember, this is the same lecture in class you attend but only through a different medium.


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