Key Tips To Prepare Yourself For An Active Shooter Situation

“Active shooter” is a term given to a person who is intended to kill people in a confined area. Such people use firearms to harm people but there’s no pattern or method to decide who is going to be their target. The situation lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes but within that much time, it is possible that you can get traumatized for life. 

Hence, it is suggested that you must keep yourself prepared for such situations by enrolling yourself in online active shooter courses or getting yourself trained at a center. With that being said, below are some of the useful tips that you can consider if you’re willing to get an idea about dealing with an active shooter situation.

The Common Plan – Escape-Hide-Fight

If you decide to participate in active shooter situation drills or take online active shooter response courses, you’ll learn the most basic things. Escaping, hiding, and fighting are a few basic things that you must know if you find yourself in an active shooter situation.


Escaping the building or evacuating the area is the first and the best option for you if you’re ever trapped in a situation like that. You must leave your belongings behind and look for a way to get out of the building as soon as possible. Keep listening to the gunshots or other activities of the shooter so that you can get an idea of where that person is and you can run in the opposite direction. 


If you can’t find a way to escape or if it is too late to escape, all you can do is hide safely. If possible, get behind a door, lock it, and even barricade it with something in the room. Silence your phone, turn off all of the lights, and try to stay calm until the enforcement officials take the situation under control. 


The last option for you is fighting the perpetrator. A situation like that can happen when you’re trapped with the active shooter in a place with no escape. The only motto of an active shooter is harming you and you must aim to disarm the shooter. Taking active shooter training online or in-person training is the best thing that you can do if you need to learn some skills.

About The Law Enforcement

The main task of the enforcement is to find and stop the active shooter. If you manage to escape the place, make sure that your hands are visible to the officials. They will detain you as there is no clear description of the shooter. If the shooter is under sight, you can give a description of their looks.Defender School LLC provides active shooter training online as well as in-person training. Their digital format trains individuals in the best way possible and keeps the session economic as well. They provide specialized training for schools, houses of worship, businesses, and more. So, contact them now to prepare yourself for violent encounters.

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