How To Prepare For English Proficiency Test Online

English proficiency tests are the most common tests to attempt for any student who wants to study abroad. These tests were meant and designed to test the English skills of a student. There are many tests like IELTS and TOEFL. All the tests are designed to test the caliber of a student. English is a Universal language, and almost every country encourages people to talk in English to make communication easy. Therefore, countries have decided to test students’ English and vocabulary intelligence to check if they can survive in an English-speaking country. Here are 7 Technics for Toeic Exam (7 เทคนิคสอบ Toeic, which is the term in Thai) preparation and also other English tests without any extra tuition.

· Listen As Much As Possible

 We have two ears and one mouth, which signify listening more and talking less. The first skill to learn and master is listening for an English test. Most exams consist of listening as a part of the exam. After listening to a paragraph, students are asked to answer a few questions. Hence listening plays a crucial role in English proficiency tests. To improve listening skills, focus on listening only while watching or listening to the video.

· Write

Take down notes while listening or watching a video. While taking notes, make sure to concentrate on the points and memorize them.

· Grammar

Listen and read grammar books to improve your grammar. Focus on direct and indirect speeches, tenses, singular and plural. Grammar is very important as an evaluator notices every point you write in the exam.

· Vocabulary

Learn new words every day to improve your vocabulary. Using enriched words can give your evaluator a good impression. Not only in the exams, but people find it attractive and invest more in your conversation when they tend to use better vocabulary.

· Typing

Typing needs to be fast and accurate. In most exams, you are given a topic and asked to write about it in the given time. Completing the tasks in time might be difficult if you aren’t conscious of timing. Therefore, be conscious of time limits and speed typing.

· Time Management

Take as many mock exams as you can to understand time management. Dividing the task’s time and requirements is essential for any test. Once you master the skill of time management, you can complete the exam within time and have extra minutes left to recheck your answers.

· Planning

Planning is vital for every test. Plan your syllabus and complete it before the exam.

These are the 7 Technics for Toeic Exam preparation.

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