3 Reasons You Should Get a Machine Learning Certification Course

In 1952, Arthur Samuel, a computer scientist at IBM and a pioneer in AI gaming, coined “machine learning.” Interest surrounding it continued well into the 1990s when the approach to Machine Learning shifted from knowledge-driven to data-driven.

Today, Machine Learning is all around us. Be it Facebook suggesting stories or Google showing you retargeting ads; it is all Machine Learning. Excerpts believe that Machine Learning brings out the true power of data.

Using Machine Learning, computer systems can access data and perform tasks. The more data you provide the computer, the more capable it becomes of running complicated algorithms, ultimately delivering accurate results.

We know that Machine Learning in our modern setting is essential. But what exactly is Machine Learning? And why should you get a Machine Learning certification course? Keep reading to find out more.

Machine Learning: Understanding the Basics

In simple words, Machine Learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence that studies computer algorithms. It enables systems to learn and improve with experience. With Machine Learning, you develop programs that the computer can access to use and understand data by themselves.

Just like the human brain gains knowledge with experience, Machine Learning feeds data to the computer so that it can understand entities, domains and the connection between them. And with the understanding of entities, deep learning begins.

So, how do we use Machine Learning? Well, when your Gmail can separate the spam emails from the rest of the emails, it is courtesy of Machine Learning. Or say, when working on a document, your grammar and spelling get corrected automatically. Even when Siri is carrying out your instructions. All of this is a result of Machine Learning.

The task of teaching machines can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Collecting the data: The machines learn from the data you feed them during the initial stages. To ensure that your machine learns appropriately, you need to collect reliable data. So, the more accurate your data, the better the output.
  • Preparing the collected data: Once you have collected the data, you need to clean it. This process removes all inaccuracies, and the information is structured. Clean data will give you accurate results.
  • Selecting the suitable Machine Learning Model: A Machine Learning model determines the kind of output you will receive after running the algorithm on the collected data. You must ensure that the model you choose should help you answer the task at hand. There are different models like speech recognition, prediction, etc. So weigh in all your options and select the suitable Machine Learning model.
  • Training the model you have selected: This is the most vital step in the Machine Learning Process. You pass the collected data through your model to get predictions and find patterns. The machine learns from the data to accomplish the task. With time and training, the model becomes more accurate in its predictions.
  • Evaluating the Machine Learning Model: Simply training your model won’t do the job. It would help if you ran evaluations to ensure that the model is performing well. This can be done by feeding new datasets to the model. From speed to accuracy, you should evaluate every aspect of the model.
  • Improving the model: After running the evaluation, you can make changes or improvements to the existing Machine Learning model. You can have several parameters to decide if the model’s accuracy is perfect. Once you make the necessary improvements, you can run new datasets and make predictions.

But why is Machine Learning important? With the growing importance of data, Machine Learning can automate the process. It removes chances of making errors, especially when dealing with massive volumes of data. Machine Learning reduces the time taken to analyze large chunks of datasets.

So, now that you know what Machine Learning is, its process and why it is essential, the question is- should you pursue a Machine Learning certification course?

Well, let us answer that.

3 Advantages of Pursuing a Machine Learning Certification Course

  1. It has excellent career opportunities

Machine Learning is the present and future. A recent report revealed that Machine Learning as a service is speculated to grow to $19.9 billion by 2025. In 2016, this was just $1.07 billion.

With the growing importance of Machine Learning, there is no doubt that a career in this field will be lucrative. Machine Learning has both global and contemporary relevance. So being a part of it is completely justified.

Machine Learning has significance in various verticals, including cyber security, facial recognition, and more. And with more businesses realizing the crucial role of Machine Learning, they are investing in it.

For instance, Netflix recently announced a $1 million prize money to any person who can improve the accuracy of their Machine Learning algorithm by 10%.

This shows the growing significance of Machine Learning and its people. Therefore, a Machine Learning certification course is worth it.

  1. There is a shortage of skilled Machine Learning experts

An October 2017 New York Times report suggested that the number of people qualified for Machine Learning related jobs is less than 10,000 people. And that is worldwide. And due to the lack of skilled people to the jobs, many organizations are now left playing catch-up.

Furthermore, studies from 2018 showed that over 50,000 jobs in Machine Learning remained unfulfilled due to a shortage of qualified people.

Reports from Gartner reveal that out of the 10 lakh registered companies in India, 75% have either already invested or are willing to invest in Machine Learning. Industry-wise, banking and financial services have the most need for Machine Learning experts at 44%, followed by eCommerce and healthcare.

Apart from these sectors, the energy sector with 8%, telecommunication with 6%, and media with 6% also create a massive demand for skilled Machine Learning professionals.

Therefore, you can jumpstart your career today with a Machine Learning certification course. Most of these courses cover the basic skills and techniques you require to become a Machine Learning expert.

With such a certification, the chances of attracting big companies to hire you increase exponentially.

  1. A Machine Learning certification course will increase your efficiency

Machine Learning is an in-demand skill. Organizations want it. And if you can develop it, new career avenues are waiting to open up for you.

By undertaking a Machine Learning certification course, you will develop the right skills and techniques. It will help expand your knowledge, which will make you a valuable asset to any organization.

To Conclude

Machine Learning is vital in today’s landscape. With a certification course, you ensure to learn the required skills and techniques, thus, kickstarting a lucrative career.

With premier institutions like AnalytixLabs, you can learn more about Machine Learning and Data Science. The curated courses suit all enthusiasts. Whether you come from a technical background or want to start a career in the sector, the Machine Learning certification course at AnalytixLabs will help open new avenues for you.

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